New Condos in markham

New Condos In Markham

Why You Should Be Looking at Pre-construction Condos in Markham.

New Condos In Markham For Sale Listings

If you’re looking to make a great real estate investment this year, you should be considering pre-construction condos in Markham, Ontario. It is predicted to be one of the hottest areas in the GTA for real estate this year, and there’s many factors contributing to its top-tier rating. I’ll bring you up to date on which up-and-coming pre-construction condos in Markham you should think about purchasing as an investment property and tell you what it is about the city that makes it such a great place for these types of assets. All you have to do is keep reading!

Why Pre-construction Condos in Markham are a Desirable Investment to Make

Markham is labelled Canada’s most diverse city; in fact, as you can see on their official city website, it’s their motto. It’s in close proximity to Toronto and was listed as one of MacLean’s fastest growing Canadian cities in 2017.  Clearly, this city has a lot to brag about, so let’s dive in to a few of the great aspects that make buying pre-construction condos in Markham a good financial decision.

New Condos in markham
Pre-construction Condos in Markham to Invest In

There are so many pre-construction condos in Markham that are currently, or will soon be, available to grab up. Don’t wait too long to make your move, however, because they won’t last long given the current real estate market in the area for condominiums and apartments. Here are a few projects for you to consider if you’re looking at pre-construction condos in Markham to purchase this year:

1)      Riverview Condos: The Riverview Condos project is already underway and suites are available for purchase now! The condominium is being built by the trustworthy Times Group Corporation and is situated on the high-demand Birchmount Road. You can find more information about the units, here.

2)      Signature Condos: Another condominium building to be found on Birchmount Road in the near future is the second phase of Signature Condos created by The Remington Group. While it’s still in early development, it’s never too quick to book your suite. If you’re interested in this development, I recommend taking a peak at a more detailed description, here.

3)      Origin Lofts: Origin Lofts is a new project consisting of both pre-construction townhouses and pre-construction condos in Markham on Bur Oak Avenue. Nascent Developments and The Sher Corporation have teamed up to bring these creations to life and you’re sure to be impressed with what they have come up with. Click here to read more about this exciting opportunity.

Of course, these aren’t the only pre-construction condos in Markham that are presently open for purchase. You can find more developments within the city on my TrustCondos webpage.

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Transit In Markham: Markham is a commuter’s paradise. It’s only about a 30 minute drive to the heart of Toronto (although it can take a little longer during rush hour, of course). If you’d like to avoid the traffic, the GO Transit system is another time and cost effective way to get across the GTA, with busses and trains leaving the station almost constantly every single day. Local buses are run by York Region Transit and can get you just about anywhere in the York Region from 5 A.M. to 2:30 A. M. All of these wonderful, diverse travel options add to the appeal of purchasing pre-construction condos in Markham.

Shopping In Markham: While Toronto is typically considered the best city for shopping in Ontario (and maybe even Canada), Markham has its own unique places for you to look around and buy from. CF Markville is the largest shopping mall in the city, comprised of more than 175 stores, restaurants, and services. First Markham Place, Langham Square, and Pacific Mall are other popular shopping centres that reflect the diversity and multiculturalism within the city as all cater specifically to the large Canadian-Asian population that resides there.

Downtown Markham is another great place to shop; it features innovative architecture, houses a variety of big-name businesses, and boasts of a wide selection of stores, restaurants, and other entertainment spots. If you want to have fun, the downtown core is the place to be, and with The Remington Group spear-heading the majority of the development, you can be sure that bigger and better things will be coming as the years go on. Be a part of the exciting commercial and retail changes by purchasing your pre-construction condo in Markham!

Learning and Education: Schools will shape the youth today into the leaders of the future and Markham is sure to have a bright one ahead considering the vast number of learning facilities that they provide. Currently, the area has more than 40 public elementary schools, 10 public high schools, and 13 private schools. Of course, it should come as no surprise that Markham is also the home to top-quality post-secondary education facilities.

A Seneca College campus sits where Highway 7 and Highway 401 meet and offers a wide-variety of full-time programs, including marketing, hospitality, flight services, nursing, and tourism. A York University campus is also expected to pop up in Markham in the near future. In addition, Markham hosts an Evergreen College campus, a Computek College campus, and the Canadian Business Skills College of Technology. As you can see, the city invests a lot into the education and careers of their population, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose to invest in pre-construction condos in Markham.

Are You Ready to Start Looking for Pre-construction Condos in Markham?

If you’re convinced that Markham is the place for you to invest in, then it’s time to start looking for potential properties to buy up! If you are interested in one of the condominiums I mentioned above or on my website, or even if you’re not sure which place would be right for you, get in touch with me so that we can arrange a meeting. I will help you find the best pre-construction condos in Markham that are within your budget and suit your needs. We have the first access in most of the new condos in Markham.

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