New condos in thornhill

New Condos In Thornhill

Upcoming Pre-construction Condos in Thornhill and Why They’re Worth Your Consideration

Thornhill, Ontario is a unique place. Split in half and shared by Vaughan and Markham, Thornhill is a community situated along both the west and east sides of Yonge Street in the York Region that is alive and thriving. There are plenty of pre-construction condos in Thornhill that are currently in their development stages and will soon be on the market. I highly encourage you to take a look at what this community has to offer and why pre-construction condos in Thornhill are selling so quickly. Let’s start by going over the most anticipated up-and-coming projects here.

thornhill new condos
Pre-Construction Condos in Thornhill that Demand Your Attention

Pre-construction condos in Thornhill have been extremely popular over the last few years due to the community’s proximity to Toronto and other big city hubs. Here are some of the most exciting pre-construction projects currently in their development and/or building stages. I encourage you to take your time and do your research on these condo buildings, but don’t wait too long – pre-sales start soon (and some have already started) 

  • The Thornhill Condos

The Daniels and Baif Corporation is responsible for the development of the Thornhill Condos, so you know that you can expect great things when it comes to this project. The first building will be 25 storeys, with the ground level being filled with commercial and retail space. Situated at Beverly Glen Boulevard and Bathurst Street, the condo will be close to Thornhill Green Park and a number of great shopping centres. Sales have already started and occupancy is expected for mid-2023, so register while you still have the chance to do so.

  • Promenade Park Towers Thornhill

The Promenade Mall is one of Thornhill’s biggest shopping attractions and this project by Liberty Development Corporation is ready to give it a huge makeover! Currently, there are four towers planned to be located at Bathurst Street and Clark Avenue, three of which will be residential (the fourth is designated for office space and a hotel). With a combined number of 1,066 residential units available, this is going to be a huge and exciting project that you don’t want to miss out on. You can register here if you are interested!

  • Atlantis Condominium Thornhill

Atlantis Condominium is a project being developed by Zonix Group. This building is to be located at Young and Steeles, making it a great place to live if you’d like to be close to shopping and major transportation routes. The Atlantis will have both residential and commercial space, glass-enclosed private balconies, and exclusive green space for condo owners and residents to use. Keep an eye out for more information and register if you are interested because these units are sure to go quickly once they go up for sale.

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Transit Options in Markham
Why Pre-construction Condos in Thornhill are a Popular Choice Amongst Buyers and Investors

The top three things that condo buyers and investors look for are: transit options, proximity to shopping hubs, and the quality and number of nearby educational facilities. Thornhill has a lot to offer when it comes to these particular qualities. Here – I’ll show you!

  • Transit Options in Thornhill

Transit and transportation are important if you work in the GTA. The ability to efficiently get to and from Toronto is a benefit that many people would like to enjoy. Luckily, Thornhill has many options for transportation around the city and the surrounding regions. York Region Transit has a variety of busses that make travel within the community and its surrounding cities extremely easy.

Of course, if you need to go a further distance, Rutherford and Markham GO stations aren’t too far away! There is also a planned Younge Street subway extension under works in Thornhill; in fact, Atlantis Condo is projected to be only a short walk from a future subway stop! There are many ways of effectively getting around in this beautiful community, which is part of what makes pre-construction condos in Thornhill high-in-demand.

  • Shopping Center in Thornhill

Being close to grocery stores, shops, and malls is every condo owner’s dream when it comes to convenience. Thornhill has a number of shopping centres that are sure to provide you with many quick-stops and relaxing, browsing opportunities. There are two SmartCentres and a RioCentre, all of which house grocery retailers, big-box department stores, and a variety of restaurants.

If you’re looking for an even bigger shopping experience, then the Promenade Mall is where you should set your sights. This mall houses more than 150 stores, including Gap, Roots, and Swarovski, as well as a food court and a movie theatre. As I mentioned before, Promenade Park Towers will be directly linked to the mall, making shopping here even more convenient. While there are great malls in Vaughan and Markham, you truly don’t have to leave Thornhill to do your shopping.

  • Education Facilities in Thornhill

Education is of extreme importance to Canadians. When buying a condo, many people with families want to know about local schools. Thornhill is home to 21 public elementary schools and five high schools. There are also five Catholic high schools and a Catholic secondary school. Additionally, there are two private schools to choose from: Blythe Academy and Toronto Waldorf School. As you can see, Thornhill places an emphasis on learning, making it a great place to call home.

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