Buying A Condo For Investment

Toronto Condos Deals

Building a relationship with your realtor is always a must in the buying market. Trusting your realtor is as important as trusting your accountant. The feeling should also be mutual as to how your realtor feels about you. Your realtor is the inside scoop on the best deals in town for pre-constructed condos, and they want to bring you in on the deal.

Having a VIP agent on your side is the cherry on top of the great sundae that is condo markets in Toronto. Insider VIP deals come to a realtor from their constant relationship building with developers in the area. These realtors have a steady track record of selling pre-constructed condos for top developers, and are usually invited back to receive all of the insider deals and information that other second tier realtors won’t receive until much later. This in turn, brings you, the buyer, a great deal on lower money down for a pre-constructed condo. The short of it: the developer trusts the realtor whom you trust and vice versa (especially if you’re a repeat customer to your VIP realtor), and you reap the benefits.

Another way to receive a super low-money-down deal on a pre-constructed unit, is by asking your realtor about inventory clean up. If you’re someone in the market for multiple units for condo investment, you may be interested in the units that are available that may be lower in price for various reasons. Those reasons may be as simple as a unit not having enough bedrooms that the majority of customers may want or need.

Last, but not least, check your realtors list of satisfied customers. Are there a lot of them? If so, you have all the more reason to believe that they are getting you the best deal possible on available low-money-down units. Your realtor should be honest, accountable and proactive.

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