Condo living in Toronto

Condo Living In Toronto

The Benefits of Condo Living in Toronto

Toronto is a city that just seems to be growing and growing each day. It’s a giant hub, not only in Canada, but the world. Living in Toronto is great, but living in a condo in Toronto can be even better. Let me tell you why!

  • Buying a Condo is Cheaper than Buying a House

Everyone knows that house prices in Toronto are extremely expensive, which means it can be difficult to own a house at all, especially for millennials who are just starting their lives and careers. The good news is that condos are cheaper than single-family homes just about everywhere, including Toronto. This is because condos are typically smaller and come with downsides like living under and above other people. If you can handle this type of life-style, however, condo living in Toronto is a great idea, because you can own a home and pay a cheaper mortgage than you would with a traditional house in the same city.

  • You Don’t Have to Deal with the Woes of Renting

Many people in Toronto rent homes and apartments due to high housing costs. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there are certainly some disadvantages, such as bad landlords, cramped and outdated living conditions, and the inability to customize your space as you please. While rent may be cheaper than a condo mortgage, it sometimes isn’t as big of a difference as you would expect. In some cases, condo living in Toronto may only be $200 more a month than apartment living. For just a few hundred dollars a month, you could be reaping the benefits of home ownership and forget about all of the problems that come with renting.

  • You Have More Time to Relax

When you own a house, you are responsible for taking care of it. While this is also true with a condo, you spend much less time maintaining its cleanliness, appearance, and safety. For one, a condo is smaller than a single-dwelling home which means less space to vacuum, dust, and scrub. Even better, however, is that mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, replacing the shingles and other interior and exterior jobs are done for you! That means more time to spend doing what you want to do on the weekends and after work; doesn’t everyone want that?

  • Condos Come with Amenities that Most Homes in Toronto don’t Have

If you were to buy a home in Toronto that featured an indoor pool, tennis courts, a party room, a gym, and a rooftop patio, you’d be looking at a multi-million dollar house. A condo, on the other hand, can come with all of these great amenities (and more) and they typically only cost a couple hundred-thousand dollars in comparison. If you want to live a life of luxury without the luxurious cost of a house, then condo living in Toronto is the right choice for you!

  • When You Own a Condo in Toronto, You’re Close to Everything

Condos in Toronto are strategically located to make it easier for residents to get around and do what they want and need to do. Owning a condo in the city core means that you’re always only a few steps away from fun, entertainment, and good food. It also ensures that you are close to bus and subway stops, so that getting to and from work and across the city is extremely easy. Condo living in Toronto comes with many benefits, but being so close to just about everything you need to live a fulfilling life is one of the best ones in my opinion.

There are Plenty of Things that Make Condo Living in Toronto Great! Ask Me for More!

If this blog has piqued your interest in condo living in Toronto, don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are so many reasons why condos in Toronto are popular. Send an e-mail to me at or call me at 647-519-5751 so that we can discuss all of them further.

If you would like to discuss more about the condo living in Toronto in detail and would like to explore the new condos opportunities in Toronto, then please book an appointment with Arshad Hussain. A trusted name in Toronto pre-construction real estate.

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