Top 8 Condo Amenities to Look for in Toronto

Top 8 Condo Amenities to Look for in Toronto

Condos are some of the most popular property types to invest in, in Toronto. Offering residents a unique lifestyle, thanks to amenities that elevate the standard of living. Whether you are looking to invest in new condos for sale in Mississauga, Pickering, Scarborough, Brampton, or anywhere else in the GTA. These amenities help the condo buildings stand out to potential tenants and buyers. 

Additionally, there are a variety of opportunities for pre-construction condos throughout the city and GTA, with amenities to meet various buyer types. However, location remains a top priority when looking to purchase a property. If you are looking for the right property with the right amenities in Mississauga or anywhere else in the GTA, read through to learn more about some amenities to look out for:

1: Health/Wellness Amenities

For health-conscious individuals, amenities like a shared spa room, sauna, or other health/wellness amenities could be a priority when looking for a property to buy or rent. Offering ways to relieve stress and wind down from their busy lives or a workout. However, not all gyms offer these types of amenities, so if you are a health-conscious individual it is important to consider what type of health/wellness related amenities are offered in the condo.

2: A Welcoming Lobby

When entering your condo building, the lobby sets off the first impression. Despite only being an entrance and sitting area, a well-designed lobby can prove to be an important part of a condo building, enhancing the perceived view among potential renters and buyers, as well as guests. Offering a glimpse of what the rest of the condo building looks like, potentially in positive or negative ways. In essence, having a welcoming lobby could help set your condo building from competing units in other buildings, as well.

3: Gyms and Athletic Spaces

Gyms are very common condo amenities. However, you should look for condo buildings with up to date and updated gyms. Gyms with the best equipment and machines can potentially be crucial for health-conscious individuals looking to rent or buy a property. Also, pay attention to the timing of the gym and any potential additional fees that might be included. Great for people looking to start working out for the first time, or those who have experience in the gym already with the peace of mind that only other residents are using the space.

4: Pet-Friendly Benefits

Condo buildings in Toronto have different pet rules and policies. Some plainly do not allow residents to keep pets on their property. However, many other condo buildings offer free pet washing facilities, pet play areas, and more. If you are a pet owner, it is important to check for condo properties that offer pet-friendly amenities according to your needs. Make sure the building allows pets indoors, and the required amenities are offered for convenience as well.

5: Kid’s Playroom

Kid’s playrooms are a space for children to have a safe recreational environment. Being able to play in a bigger space outside of their unit. Great for young families, looking for a space safe for their young children to be able to play and socialize with children from the condo building, as well. Also great for attracting more buyer types, with a great potential buyer base because of the amenities like kid’s playrooms for young and new families.

6: In-Built Sports Centers

Whether you are into basketball, tennis, table tennis, squash, or any other indoor sport, the ability to play right in your building is a great add-on. Many condo buildings offer spaces for sports within the community. From squash and table tennis courts to many other sports, you will find many options.

7: A Nice Indoor Swimming Pool to Cool Off

Swimming pools are never getting old. Also, a nicely managed, well-cleaned, and modern swimming pool never fails to refresh the body and mind. Additionally, indoor swimming pools are great for having an enjoyable time with families or for personal use. Also great for those looking to live a healthy life style, and for those looking for stuff to do within easy convenience.  

8: Co-Working Spaces/Social Lounges

Co-working spaces are great for those looking for a space to work within the convenience of their condo building. Which could also help boost attraction among potential renters or buyers looking to purchase or rent in a condo building with a modern or attractive co-working space, as well.

Trust Condos Can Help

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