Booking a Condo Visit Appointment in Toronto


Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Condo Visit Appointment in Toronto

Buying that first property is always a satisfying feeling. When looking to invest in a Condo for sale in Toronto, the right decisions have to be made. Of course, it is important to work with experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent making the process of purchasing a property more smooth.

Before you book that condo visit appointment, make sure to do your research. Ask your agent some important questions. Often, buyers will visit multiple different properties before making their decision. So, here are some important questions to ask before booking a visit appointment:

1: How Old Is the Building?

Toronto is an old city. Some neighborhoods have older buildings compared to others. Also, certain cities in the GTA region are very well matured as well. So, it is important to ask the question about the building’s age.

Usually, 15-20 years of age can be a good amount of time. Anything past that and you are typically looking into extensive repairs and problems with the building. Newly built buildings are the best if you get the chance for one of those.

2: Does the Property Offer All the Features You Need?

There will be different preferences and priorities when it comes to buying a new property. Depending on the number of people in your family, the size of the condo will be the first requirement. Any condo for sale in Toronto should have all the features you need.

Some people will need a king bed. Others will prefer a kitchen space with lots of counters and cabinets. Some people will need a space to work from home. Make a list and verify if the property has them all.

3: Who Is the Developer and How’s Their Track Record?

When investing in under-construction properties or newly built ones, the record of the developer matters. Some condos get sold when they are very close to completion.

Check if the developer is well-known in the area. Confirm if they provide possession on the promised time. Also, do your research into the quality of properties delivered by the particular developer. The finer the material quality, the better standard of living you will get.

4: Did You Get the List of Amenities?

Condos for sale in Toronto or in any other major city are known to provide added experience. Shared amenities like gyms, media rooms, rooftop decks, meeting rooms, security, swimming pools, saunas, guest rooms, and others are always great.

When you don’t get these amenities, you will have to pay for them separately. Also, these amenities set the condo lifestyle apart from townhouses or other homes. Make sure you get the ones you need.

5: How Much Are the Maintenance Fees? Do You Afford Them?

All condos in major cities have maintenance costs. For all the amenities you get and maintenance, there will be a cost to pay. There is often a monthly maintenance fee to pay for condos in Toronto. This fee may cover the expenses including repairs and amenities offered by the building.

Usually, the property management of the particular building collects these fees. Also, they will be responsible for certain shared places in the building as well. However, it is important to check with the property management what is covered under the maintenance fee, as it varies from building to building.

6: How Easy Is Transit and Reachability from the Building?

Transport and reachability are always big concerns when investing in a condo for sale in Toronto. Also, most condo apartments are being built are relatively good locations with easy transit options.

Train stations, bus stations, parks, shopping malls, and all other regularly visited places should be within easy reach. You can easily do a Google Maps search to find out more. Also, it may be worth it to ask this from your agent.

7: Are There Any Pet or Guest Restrictions?

Some condo buildings will have no pet rules in place. Others will allow some pets and not all. Also, there can be guest restrictions in place for overnight stays. All these restrictions can be important. Make sure to ask this question before booking a condo showing appointment.

So, if you have a dog and dogs are not allowed in the building you are planning to visit, you will only be wasting your time.

8: Is There Anything Else Being Built Really Close?

Properties are being built across Toronto and the rest of the GTA region. Condos for sale in Toronto offering a nice balcony view might not stay that way in a few years. A neighboring high-rise building can quickly make the experience not so great.

So, it is important to ask the question. Verify if there is something else being built really close to the building you are eying. Also, make sure about the future development projects in the area as well.

9: Is There Any Outdoor Space with the Unit?

Balconies and terraces are always nice places to spend a few hours. Also, these spaces give you a feeling of openness. If an outdoor space is important to you, make sure your condo listing has it.

Usually, pictures and descriptions tell you if there is a balcony or a terrace. If not, make sure to ask your agent or the property owner. A condo for sale in Toronto will be a long-term investment in most cases. Make sure to buy the right one for your personal preferences.

10: What Is the Security Situation in the Neighborhood?

Toronto is a good city. However, it is important to investigate the security situation in the area. Some neighborhoods in the GTA region are safer than others. Also, some are quieter than others as well. Not knowing the area, you will not be able to verify the security situation.

So, it is always best to ask the question. Enquire about the street crime ratio and other unwanted occurrences. Invest in a safe property in a safe neighborhood.

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