Downsizing to a Condo

Downsizing to a Condo

Why Downsizing to a Condo is a Great Idea!

Do you feel like your once just-spacious-enough house is feeling a little too big with the kids gone? Have you lost the energy to take care of your home and yard now that you’ve retired? Then downsizing to a condo may be the right choice for you! Many people seem to think that making this type of lifestyle change is downgrading and not simply downsizing. I know, however, that there are plenty of great reasons why selling the house and moving into a condo is a great idea!

  • You Have the Chance to Declutter and Organize when Downsizing to a Condo

As we age, we tend to collect more and more “stuff.” While some of this stuff is memorable and worth keeping, more often than not, we hold onto things that we really don’t need. Parting with our belongings can be difficult, but it can also be incredibly freeing! Once you move into your new space, you’ll find that you never really needed any of it anyway and that you’re much more organized! The other upside to decluttering is that you’ll have much less knick-knack dusting to do!

  • There’s Less Maintenance Required after Downsizing to a Condo

Dusting isn’t the only thing you’ll do less of when downsizing to a condo! With a condo, you’ll likely have less floor space to sweep, mop, or vacuum than you did before. You also won’t have a lawn to cut or a long driveway and sidewalk to shovel snow off of because the Home Owner’s Association and staff will take care of it. Of course, you’ll also save on the cost of cleaners, gas for the lawn mower, and salt for the icy sidewalks, too!

  • Downsizing to a Condo can Provide You with a New Sense of Family, Friendship, and Community

If your children have all moved away to start their own journey into adulthood or you’ve recently retired and are no longer seeing close co-workers on a regular basis, it can feel pretty lonely. In a condo, however, you’ll find that there is no lack of people to make friends and bond with. One of the many benefits of having so many people under one roof is that making friends with your neighbours is easy – you see them all the time in the lobby, in the elevator, and at the pool. If a close community is what you crave, downsizing to a condo can help!

  • When Downsizing to a Condo, You Get Amenities You may not have had Before

While a condo has less living space than a traditional house, it can provide you with many new amenities! Your new home may come with a pool, gym, library, tennis court, and much more that you probably didn’t have room or money for at your own home. Losing the guest bedroom or the second bathroom may be difficult, but you have much more to gain if entertainment and fun is what you’re after. Lots of condos also have large common rooms that you can rent out, so you can keep the tradition of hosting the yearly family reunion alive if you want to!

Need More Reasons Why You Should Consider Downsizing to a Condo?

If you’re still skeptical about whether downsizing to a condo is the right move for you to make, then I’d love to help you come to a decision. It’s easy to think of all of the negative aspects, but there are so many more positives that you just can’t ignore. Send an e-mail to or reach me by phone at 647-519-5751 and I can continue to convince you of the benefits that come with downsizing to a condo.


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